We would like to thank the sponsors of the awards given this year.  Many of these wonderful awards are endowment awards honoring loved ones.  Clubs and Organizations have also sponsored scholarships to benefit the students going on to college in the fall.

Thank you, everyone for your continued support!

​$127,900 Awarded to Students from Wethersfield

2019 Awards


Agnelli Real Estate Award
Alan R. Murray Memorial Scholarship Award
American Legion Auxiliary Bourne Keeney Award
Angela Spaneas Nash Award
Anthony and Elisa Gulioso Memorial Award
Arthur & Helen M. Watson Memorial Award
Arthur and Margaret D'Onofrio Memorial Award
Bob and Pat Sullivan Memorial Award
Brendan Murphy Memorial Award
C. Frank Bayek Memorial Award
Carol F. Autorino Memorial Award
Charles Wright School PTO Award
Charles Wright School Staff Award
Civitan Club Award
Claudette and Jim Magennis Scholarship for Kindness
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Award
Corpus Christi Home & School Association Award
Cynthia M. Rouquie RN Memorial Award
Daniel G. Spaneas Memorial Award
Daniel P. D'Esopo Memorial Award
Darlene and John Oblak Award
David Dolge Memorial Award
Debra Ann Gattinella-Kurys Memorial Award
Dolly LaCava Memorial Scholarship Award
Domenica Elisa Heinimann Torrance Memorial Award
Donald F. Fote Jr. Memorial Award
Doris Marianella Memorial Award
Dorothy Abbruzzese Memorial Award
Dr. Philip T. Sehl Memorial Award
Dr. Richard and Lucille Zanini Scholarship
Dr. William Storms Memorial Award
Edward W. Higgins Memorial Award
Emerson Williams School PTO Award
Emerson Williams Staff Cheer Award
Enid Kupper Memorial Award
Felix and Emily Babel Memorial Award
Ferguson Scholarship Award
Ferrero Family Memorial Award
Friends of Wethersfield Library Scholarship Award
Gail D'Amelio Memorial Scholarship for Veterinary Medicine
George A. D'Esopo Memorial Award
George and Gretchen Kelly Family Scholarship
GFWC Newington/Wethersfield Women's Club
Gina Cusano Honor Award
Hallisey & D'Agostino Award
Hanmer Elementary PTO Award
Hanmer Elementary Staff Cheer Award
Harold J. Erlandson Memorial Award
Harriet Milvae Memorial Award
Harvey and Maybelle Fuller Memorial Award
Heimgartner Family Memorial Award
Highcrest Elementary School PTO Award
Highcrest School Staff Award in Honor of "Leslie" Coursey
Hill Family Memorial Scholarship Award in Memory of Joseph, Edward and David Hill
Hughes Brothers Memorial Award
Jackie Spellman Memorial Award
James McHugh Memorial Award
Jo-Anne Baccielo Memorial Award
John Elliott Scholarship Award
John Miller Award
Joseph Hallisey Honor Award
Joyce Lazdauskas Memorial Award
Kazimierz Zawadzki
Keith Rafaniello Memorial Award
Laurent and Bronya Fortin Memorial Award
Linda F. Klapatch Memorial Award
M. Peter Barry Memorial Scholarship
Marie C. Perry Memorial Award
Mario Aglieco Memorial Scholarship Award
Martin B. Courneen Memorial Award
Michael Baio Memorial Award
Michael J. D'Esopo Memorial Award
Mikey's Place Award in Memory of Michael James Daversa
Mikey's Place Award in Memory of William and Joanne Huffman
Morley School Scholarship Award
Morris "Moe" Sangiacomo Memorial Award
Nancy D'Amelio Memorial Music Award
Neil Esposito Memorial Award
Oscar Wegman Memorial Awards
Patricia Pac and Paul Letendre Award
Patrick & Linda Proctor Award for Education
Paul D. & Eleanor O. Standish Memorial Award
Pescatello Family Soccer Scholar-Athlete Award
Peter Beaudin Memorial Award
Richard and Susan Ellis Memorial Award
Richard M. Keane Memorial Award
Robert D. Burstein Memorial Award
Robert P. Sullivan Memorial Award
Roger W. Wishart Memorial Scholarship
Ruby Wegman Memorial Awards
Sebastian A. Santiglia Memorial Award
Silas Deane Middle School PAC Award
Speridon "Pete" Leppones Memorial Award
The Shults Family Scholarship
The Turbine Maintenance Inc. Award
Theresa Ann Forsdick Memorial Scholarship Award
Thomas and Bev Lasher Memorial Award
Thomas C. Milvae Memorial Award
Thomas P. Watson, Jr. Memorial Award
Truex Family Scholarship Award
Village Pizza Award in Memory of Apostolos Tsombanos
Warren and Charlotte Willsey Memorial Award
Webb School PTO Award
Wethersfield Alumni-Philip C. Cahill Memorial Award
Wethersfield Country Club Awards
Wethersfield Country Club Awards
Wethersfield George D. Ritchie Soccer Club Award - Peter J. Krusiewicz Memorial  Award
Wethersfield George D. Ritchie Soccer Club Award- Paul Glasson Memorial Award
Wethersfield High School Football Boosters Award
Wethersfield High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association Award 
Wethersfield High School Soccer Boosters Award
Wethersfield High School Soccer Boosters Award
William F. Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Winifred Piper Memorial Award